Starting Over: A Book Review That Will Make You Laugh

Get ready for a side-splitting storytime with Chris Harris’ newest picture book, Warning: Do Not Laugh. Perfect for fans of The Book With No Pictures, The Serious Goose, and Press Here, this interactive book is guaranteed to be a major hit with young readers.

As soon as you open the book, you’ll be greeted with a warning—a green frowny face with doodle arms and legs. The book is very serious, and you’re not allowed to laugh. In fact, if you do laugh, the reader will start the book over! So, stare into the big, beady eyes on the next page and promise not to laugh…if you can.

The book is a riotous read-aloud, full of silly twists and turns that lead to an absolutely irresistible temptation to burst out laughing. With giggle-worthy character names and ridiculous illustrations by Serge Bloch, this book will have kids rolling on the floor.

But don’t be fooled by the silly nature of the book—behind all the laughs is a clever lesson about the power of laughter. Warning: Do Not Laugh demonstrates that humor can be a great tool for coping with difficult situations and emotions.

The book is filled with interactive moments that will have readers fully engaged. From making silly noises to pretending to take a bite out of the book, there’s never a dull moment. The narrative also invites the reader to participate in the story, creating a fun and immersive experience.

Reading Warning: Do Not Laugh aloud is an experience in itself. The text is full of fun, playful language that’s sure to delight kids and adults alike. It’s the perfect book for anyone who loves a good laugh and wants to share that joy with others.

But, be warned, you might not make it to the end without cracking a smile. The book is just too funny to resist! Even the most serious readers will find it hard to keep a straight face.

Overall, Warning: Do Not Laugh is a must-have addition to any kids’ bookshelf. It’s a book that’s meant to be shared with others, read aloud, and enjoyed together. So, gather a group of friends and family and get ready to laugh until your sides hurt with Chris Harris’ new book. And don’t forget to promise not to laugh!
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