Review of the Book ‘Encore in Death’ by Eve Dallas

If you’re a fan of crime thrillers with a side of passion and justice, then “Encore in Death” by J.D. Robb is the book for you! Eve Dallas, our favorite homicide cop, is back at it again, solving murders in the middle of glamorous events hosted by Hollywood’s and Broadway’s most famous couples.

This time around, it’s a glittering extravaganza hosted by power couple Eliza Lane and Brant Fitzhugh that takes a dark turn. Fitzhugh dies after having a toast, and everyone is in shock. Physical symptoms point to cyanide, and the police have crashed the party to investigate. Eve Dallas makes her entrance, but not as a guest—she’s there to solve the murder.

As Eve gathers clues, it becomes evident that Fitzhugh wasn’t the kind of star who made enemies. Everyone loved him, including his ex-wife. Since the champagne cocktail that killed him was originally intended for Eliza, it’s possible she was the real target. A recently fired assistant, a bitter rival, and an obsessed fan also arouse suspicion.

With numerous attendees, staff, and servers, Eve has her work cut out for her. The media circus that follows doesn’t help her case either. However, as a pro, Eve is determined to figure out who’s innocent and who’s not, irrespective of the spotlight that’s shining on the case.

J.D. Robb’s writing is chilling and thrilling, cleverly constructed, and addictive. The pacing is high-octane, characterization is memorable, and the plotting is ingenious. It’s an edge-of-your-seat murder mystery that is the gold standard in the genre.

The book has 375 pages, and every page is worth the read. J.D. Robb keeps you hooked with the expert pacing and unravels layers after layers of the mystery that culminates in an explosive finale.

The characters are fleshed out, and Eve Dallas’s character development will keep you invested in the series. Her passion for justice and the lengths she goes to achieve it are admirable.

The setting of the book is a character in itself. The glamorous event hosted by Eliza Lane and Brant Fitzhugh acts as the perfect backdrop for the murder mystery. It adds the necessary tension and drama that we crave in a thriller.

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“Encore in Death” is another excellent addition to J.D. Robb’s Eve Dallas series. It’s a page-turner that will keep you guessing till the end. The book is perfect for fans of crime thrillers, murder mysteries, and anyone looking for a gripping read. It shows us how a pro does it and will leave you wanting more. So, make J.D. Robb your partner in crime and get lost in “Encore in Death.”
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