Review of Book ‘The Girl in the Castle’

Book Review: The Girl in the Castle by James Patterson

Are you ready to be transported to two different worlds and meet a strong heroine who is fighting to save her sister? Then The Girl in the Castle by James Patterson is the book for you!

The story revolves around Hannah Doe, a teenage girl who is brought to Belman Psych against her will. She is told that she is suffering from hallucinations and delusions, but she knows the truth. She is both Hannah Doe and Hannah Dory, a girl from the 14th century who is fighting for survival in a brutal winter. Hannah Dory seeks salvation and food in the baron’s castle, where she risks being caught and hanged for stealing.

Patterson’s writing style is gripping, and you won’t be able to put the book down until you’ve finished it. The story jumps between the past and present, and you get to witness the struggles faced by both Hannah Dory and Hannah Doe. You’ll find yourself rooting for both girls as they fight to survive in their respective worlds.

One of the main strengths of the book is the development of the characters. Hannah Doe is a layered character with many secrets, and you’ll want to delve deeper into her story when you finish reading the book. The other characters in the book also have their own personalities and motivations, making the story more interesting.

The love interest in the book is Jordan, an Abnormal-Psych student who takes an interest in Hannah’s case. He is one of the few people who believes her story and tries to help her. Their budding romance adds another layer to the story, making it more than just a fantasy or a thriller.

The Girl in the Castle is a great book for readers who enjoy a mix of genres, like fantasy, thriller and romance. The book is also suitable for readers aged 14 and above, making it a perfect read for teenagers who love exciting and thrilling stories.

Overall, The Girl in the Castle is a brilliantly mysterious novel with a gripping plot that you can finish in one sitting. The characters are well developed, the story is captivating, and the writing style is impressive. The book is definitely a must-read for James Patterson fans and for anyone who enjoys a good blend of genres.

So believe Hannah Dory and Hannah Doe, and join them on their thrilling journey to the past and present by picking up a copy of The Girl in the Castle!
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