Review of All That We Are: Wyndham Beach Book 3

Are you ready for a summer filled with twists of fate, enduring friendships, and life’s never-ending surprises? Then look no further than Mariah Stewart’s latest novel, which will have you laughing, crying, and cheering on the main character, Emma Dean.

Emma’s life seems well-organized and peaceful until she discovers evidence of her husband’s longtime affair, even though he’s been gone for ten years. The betrayal sends her reeling, and she must focus on the group of artists she’s invited to stay at the art center she founded. One of the artists is secretly seeking refuge from her abusive ex, making Emma’s life even more complicated.

As if that’s not enough, a charming businessman returns to town with eyes only for Emma, adding yet another layer of complexity to her life. And just when she thinks things can’t get any crazier, the biggest surprise of all comes knocking on her door, turning her life completely upside down yet again.

Despite the turmoil in her life, Emma discovers that the life she really wants is just within reach if she’s willing to fight for it. And fight she does, with the help of her enduring friendships and the support of the new people in her life. The result is a summer full of unexpected twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Stewart’s writing style is engaging and heartfelt, pulling you into Emma’s world and making you care deeply about her struggles and triumphs. You’ll find yourself laughing at the witty dialogue and cheering on the characters as they navigate the ups and downs of life.

The novel is also filled with important themes, such as the power of forgiveness, the importance of enduring friendships, and the bravery it takes to stand up for oneself. These themes are woven seamlessly into the story, adding depth and meaning to the already engaging plot.

Overall, Stewart’s latest novel is a must-read for anyone who loves a good summer novel filled with twists and turns. It’s a book that will make you laugh, cry, and cheer on the characters as they navigate life’s unexpected surprises. So sit back, relax, and let Stewart take you on a journey of hope, friendship, and never-ending surprises. You won’t be disappointed.
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