Book Review: “Wake Up With Purpose!” Insights from My First Hundred Years

Are you feeling lost or unsure of your purpose in life? Are you in need of some wisdom and guidance? Look no further than Sister Jean Dolores Schmidt’s “Wake Up with Purpose!” This remarkable memoir is part life story, part philosophy text, and part spiritual guide, filled with history, wonder, and common-sense wisdom for this century and beyond. And let me tell you, Sister Jean’s wit and humor will leave you feeling inspired and refreshed.

Sister Jean has become an icon in the world of college basketball, serving as the chaplain for Loyola University’s men’s basketball team since 1994. But in “Wake Up with Purpose!” she shares the story of her entire century-long life, from teaching at a Catholic school during World War II to serving on a Chicago college campus in the sixties and beyond. Along the way, she imparts timeless lessons on love, faith, and purpose that will leave you feeling uplifted and empowered.

One of the most impressive things about Sister Jean is her sharp mind and sense of humor, which comes through on every page of “Wake Up with Purpose!” She has seen so much change in her 102 years of life, but she always finds the humor and joy in every situation. Even as she cheers from the sidelines of a men’s basketball tournament in March 2018, she is still taking time to meet with Loyola students who stop by her office. Her wisdom and humor are infectious and will leave you feeling energized and ready to take on the world.

The book is co-written by Seth Davis, an award-winning writer and broadcaster, and his collaboration with Sister Jean is truly magical. Davis’s writing is engaging and informative, and he seamlessly weaves Sister Jean’s life story and insights into a meaningful narrative. The result is a book that is both entertaining and inspiring, a true page-turner that will leave you feeling like you just spent the afternoon chatting with a dear friend.

Sister Jean’s wisdom is universal and transcends religious creed, belief, and even feelings on Loyola’s basketball team. She shares priceless wisdom on everything from living a purposeful life to dealing with adversity and finding joy in the little things. And let me tell you, in our current world of chaos and uncertainty, her words are truly a breath of fresh air. She reminds us that the important things in life never change, no matter how much the world around us may shift.

It’s rare to come across a book that is both inspirational and hilarious, but “Wake Up with Purpose!” manages to do just that. Sister Jean’s humor and wit make her insights even more impactful, and you’ll find yourself laughing out loud one minute and wiping away tears the next. And while the book is filled with wisdom and life lessons, it never feels preachy or condescending. Sister Jean’s warmth and genuine love for humanity shines through on every page, and it’s impossible not to feel uplifted by her message.

Overall, “Wake Up with Purpose!” is a must-read for anyone looking for guidance and inspiration in today’s chaotic world. Sister Jean’s life story and insights will leave you feeling like you just spent time with a wise and loving friend, and her words will stay with you long after you finish reading. Whether you’re a fan of college basketball or not, this book is a true gem, filled with humor, heart, and most importantly, purpose. So what are you waiting for? Wake up with purpose and pick up a copy of this amazing book today!
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