Book Review: The Spanish Daughter – An Engrossing Historical Novel Ideal for Book Clubs

Are you ready for an adventure to a tropical land filled with chocolate, dangerous mystery, and family secrets? Look no further than The Spanish Daughter by Lorena Hughes.

Puri always knew that her passion for chocolate was inherited from her father. But when he passes away, she inherits something else – a cocoa estate in Vinces, Ecuador. Eager to claim her birthright and start a new life after World War I, Puri and her husband Cristóbal set out across the Atlantic Ocean. But someone is not happy with Puri’s claim to the estate and sends a mercenary to murder her aboard the ship. In a heartbreaking turn of events, Cristóbal is accidentally killed instead. Determined to stay safe as she searches for the truth of her father’s legacy, Puri dons her husband’s clothing and identity.

As she arrives in the lush tropical landscape of 1920s Ecuador, Puri confronts challenges beyond what she imagined. Throughout the novel, she learns about newfound siblings, hidden affairs, and her father’s dark secrets. She soon finds herself in danger when she starts developing an attraction to an enigmatic man while discovering the identity of an enemy who is still at large, threatening her claim to the estate.

The Spanish Daughter is an engrossing, suspenseful family saga filled with unpredictable twists and turns. The novel has a mix of historical fiction, dramatic family conflict, and mystery that will please fans of Christina Baker Kline, Lisa Wingate, and Kate Quinn. The lush Ecuadoran cacao plantation setting and descriptions of cocoa-making will leave your mouth watering for chocolate.

This sweepingly elegant historical novel is perfect for fans of Julia Alvarez and Silvia Moreno-Garcia. Lorena Hughes transports readers to the tropical landscape of Ecuador, blending family drama, dangerous mystery, and the real-life history of the coastal town known as the “birthplace of cacao.”

The Spanish Daughter is not just a historical mystery but also a story of bittersweet family secrets and betrayals. Andrea Penrose perfectly describes the novel as a “lushly written story” that simply captivates readers. Foreword Reviews also gave this novel a starred review, describing it as passionate and suspenseful.

This novel is perfect for anyone who loves a captivating mystery plot mixed in with historical fiction. PopSugar even described it as “a fascinating historical.” It is a must-read for fans who enjoy novels with complicated family dynamics, adventure, and danger.

Overall, The Spanish Daughter by Lorena Hughes is just as addictive as chocolate. It will transport you to the lush tropical landscape of Ecuador and keep you hooked from start to finish. Pick up a copy for yourself or for the book lovers in your life – it will not disappoint.
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