Book Review: The Mind-Blowing Twist of “The Family Secret,” an Utterly Gripping Domestic Thriller

If you’re in the market for a page-turning domestic thriller that will keep you up all night, then Kiersten Modglin’s “Every Family Has Its Secrets” is the book for you. This sinfully addictive novel introduces readers to the Bass estate, a seemingly-opulent family home that harbors a terrifying secret.

The book follows the lives of Austyn and Lowell, newly-engaged lovebirds who are forced to handle the affairs of Lowell’s deceased parents at the Bass estate. However, their stay at the estate proves to be anything but a warm welcome as they realize they’re living with a family who seems to have something to hide. As Austyn begins to unravel the mysteries surrounding the family she’s going to marry into, she discovers a shocking secret that shakes her to her core.

Modglin’s writing style is the perfect balance of suspense and intrigue, with just the right amount of romance thrown in. The author’s attention to detail transports readers to the Bass estate and its family secrets, making it feel like readers are a part of the story. Every twist and turn in the plot leads readers to a gripping finale that they won’t be able to put down.

In “Every Family Has Its Secrets,” Modglin manages to make the typical domestic thriller trope feel fresh and engaging. With its captivating writing and complex characters, this book is an absolute must-read for anyone who loves a good thriller. The novel’s themes of secrets, lies, and family intrigue will have readers on the edge of their seats from beginning to end.

One of the standout parts of the book is the way the author handles the dynamic between the characters. The relationships between Austyn, Lowell, and the members of the Bass family are all complex and nuanced, with each character having their own motivations and secrets. This makes for a thrilling read that is as much about the characters themselves as it is about the mysteries they’re trying to solve.

Overall, “Every Family Has Its Secrets” is a must-read for anyone who loves twisty, suspenseful domestic thrillers. Kiersten Modglin masterfully creates a world that is both familiar and unique, making for a story that is impossible to put down. With its addictive plot and well-developed characters, this book will keep readers guessing until the very end. If you’re looking for your next thrilling read, look no further than “Every Family Has Its Secrets.”
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