Book Review: The Hotel Nantucket

The Queen of Beach Reads, Elin Hilderbrand, has done it again with her latest novel, The Hotel Nantucket. This page-turner is a compelling summer drama filled with emotional depth, multiple points of view, and even a dash of Roaring Twenties history.

Fresh off a bad breakup with her longtime boyfriend, Nantucket native Lizbet Keaton is in desperate need of a second act. Enter the Hotel Nantucket, a once Gilded Age gem now turned abandoned eyesore, and Lizbet’s chance to shine as the new general manager. With her local expertise and charismatic staff, Lizbet hopes to win over the hearts of the hotel’s new billionaire owner, Xavier Darling, and Instagram tastemaker Shelly Carpenter, who can help put them back on the map.

However, the Hotel Nantucket isn’t all rainbows and sunshine. There’s a haunted history behind the walls, dating back to a tragic fire that killed a chambermaid named Grace Hadley in 1922. With Grace’s ghost reportedly haunting the halls, secrets among the staff and guests start to unravel, and Lizbet’s own romantic struggles threaten to get in the way. All of this begs the question: is the Hotel Nantucket destined for success or doom?

Hilderbrand balances the various storylines and characters seamlessly, immersing readers in the drama and mystery of the Hotel Nantucket. The author’s signature beach-read style is present throughout the book, making it a perfect read for lounging by the pool or at the beach.

Another standout feature of The Hotel Nantucket is Hilderbrand’s rich historical detail. The Roaring Twenties setting adds a layer of intrigue and nostalgia to the story, as readers learn more about Grace Hadley’s tragic fate and the hotel’s past. It’s a testament to the author’s skill that she is able to weave this historical element into a modern-day narrative seamlessly.

One of the most refreshing aspects of The Hotel Nantucket is the diversity among the characters. The staff and guests hail from a variety of backgrounds, with their own unique quirks and struggles. It’s a reflection of the real world, and Hilderbrand treats each character and their storylines with care and authenticity.

Overall, The Hotel Nantucket is an immensely satisfying read, with equal parts drama, romance, and mystery. It’s a testament to Elin Hilderbrand’s skill as a storyteller that she’s able to keep readers hooked from the very first page until the surprising, satisfying conclusion. If you’re a fan of beach reads, or just looking for an engrossing summer read, be sure to add The Hotel Nantucket to your list.
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