Book Review: The Beautiful Life of an Auschwitz Survivor Who Became the Happiest Man on Earth.

If you’re looking for a book to make you appreciate life, give you hope, and change the way you look at the world- look no further than “The Happiest Man on Earth” by Eddie Jaku. This book is not only inspiring, but it’s also fun.

From the get-go, you can tell that Eddie Jaku is a born storyteller. His memoir is full of rich and riveting details that bring his experience to life. Born in Leipzig, Germany in a Jewish family, Eddie’s life was violently upended on November 9, 1938, during Kristallnacht. He was beaten by SS thugs, arrested, and sent to a concentration camp at just 16 years old. The next seven years of his life were spent facing unimaginable horrors in Buchenwald, Auschwitz, and finally on a forced death march during the Third Reich’s final days.

Despite everything the Nazis took from him- his family, his friends, and his country- Eddie found the will to survive. And not only did he survive, he thrived. Today, at 100 years of age, he calls himself the “happiest man on earth,” and it’s easy to see why once you read his story.

Eddie is grateful for every day he has been given and honors the six million Jews murdered by Hitler by smiling every day. His positive attitude and unwavering faith in humanity are infectious. He encourages his readers to find the beauty in life- even in the darkest moments. He believes that “life can be beautiful if you make it beautiful,” and he shows us how.

Through his memoir, Eddie shares his wisdom on friendship, family, health, ethics, love, and hatred. His reflections are simple yet profound. He radiates warmth and kindness, even when recounting the most harrowing moments of his life. His message of gratitude, tolerance, and kindness is one that we could all benefit from- especially young people today.

It’s not often that a book can make you laugh, cry, and feel incredibly inspired all at once, but “The Happiest Man on Earth” does just that. Eddie Jaku’s resilience and unwavering positivity are something we can all learn from. Reading this book makes you want to be a better person and live your life with more appreciation and gratitude.

In a time where the world can feel dark and hopeless, Eddie’s story is a beacon of light. He proves that no matter how hard life gets, there is always hope. With his infectious spirit, he reminds us that joy and kindness are within our control, even in the face of the worst of humanity.

In conclusion, “The Happiest Man on Earth” is a must-read. Eddie Jaku’s story is one of resilience, hope, and kindness, and it’s told with such grace and passion that you won’t be able to put the book down. His wise reflections on life are timeless and offer valuable lessons for readers of all ages. If you’re looking for a book that will make you feel good about the world and inspire you to live your best life, this is the one for you.
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