Book Review: The Art of Making Decisions – Starting, Staying or Leaving

In today’s non-stop world, we’re faced with countless options and decisions every day. From choosing what to have for breakfast to deciding whether to break up with our partners, it can be incredibly overwhelming. If you’re looking for a practical and entertaining guide to help you make better decisions, then you need to read Trey Gowdy’s latest book, Start, Stay, or Leave.

Gowdy, a fox news host and former congressman, has developed a simple yet revolutionary decision-making tool that he calls the Start, Stay, or Leave framework. With clarity and authority, he outlines how to apply it to any situation to help you make the best possible decision. The book is both practical and personal, as he shares his own experiences of using this framework in his life.

The heart of the book goes back to a federal murder trial, where Gowdy developed this framework. He started by identifying that there were only three options: start, stay or leave. He breaks each of these options down even further to help us understand better. For instance, if you are in a job you dislike, you can either decide to start sending out resumes, stay where you’re at or leave and start your own business.

The Start, Stay, or Leave framework goes beyond theory and aims to help you troubleshoot some of the most challenging situations you can face in life. By following the framework, Gowdy provides a roadmap that can help us make better decisions, and therefore live better lives.

One of the things that make Gowdy’s Start, Stay, or Leave framework so helpful is its simplicity. He argues that we often make decision-making more complicated than it needs to be. In his book, he explains how we are often paralyzed by our fear of making the wrong decision or the fear of missing out on different opportunities. However, by breaking down each decision into just three categories, we can eliminate some of that complexity and uncertainty that comes with decision-making.

Throughout the book, Gowdy shares his personal and professional experiences of how he’s used his decision-making model. He talks about his decision-making adventures that range from quitting his dream job to his life as a politician. These personal anecdotes make the book more accessible and relatable, so you feel as though you’re learning from a friend.

Another aspect that makes Start, Stay, or Leave an enjoyable read is Gowdy’s writing style. His writing is conversational, and it is like having a chat with him on the back porch of a farmhouse. You’ll find humor, wisdom, and heartbreak infused in his stories.

The book builds on to help the reader apply the framework to their lives. You, as a reader, can craft your unique vision of success by considering what you would do if money wasn’t an issue. Gowdy reminds us that the things that we gravitate towards can help us identify what we want to do in our lives. By examining your own dreams through the lens of the Start, Stay, or Leave framework, you can think about the bigger picture of your life and make decisions accordingly.

If you are looking to make a life-altering decision, Stop, Stay, or Leave is worth reading. It provides practical advice that will help you approach decision making with confidence. Gowdy takes a common-sense approach to help you weigh the pros and cons before making fundamental choices. Throughout the book, you will find yourself reflecting on his advice and how it applies to your life.

In conclusion, Start, Stay, or Leave is a must-read for anyone struggling to make a decision. Gowdy’s decision-making model is easy to follow, and his anecdotes bring the framework to life. At the end of the book, you’ll emerge with newfound confidence in your ability to make life-altering decisions. So, buckle up and enjoy the ride.
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