Book Review: The 6:20 Man – A Gripping Thriller

Are you bored of your tedious routine? Do you dream of joining the ranks of the uber-wealthy? Well, enter Travis Devine, the protagonist of David Baldacci’s latest novel, The 6:20 Man. A former soldier turned financial analyst, Devine works at the most prestigious investment firm in Manhattan. Every day, he boards the 6:20 commuter train to Manhattan, pining for the opulent lives of the 1%. However, his mundane life takes a dramatic turn when he receives an anonymous email stating “She is dead.” Devine’s former girlfriend, Sara Ewes, and co-worker are found dead, and the police suspect murder.

As a result, Devine is thrown into a web of intrigue and conspiracies that go beyond his firm’s hallowed halls. Over several heart-stopping events, Devine becomes embroiled in a high-stakes investigation, trying to crack the code behind Sara’s death. However, he isn’t alone in this adventure, as a killer with an agenda targets him. With shades of Hitchcock’s North by Northwest, you never quite know who to trust in this fast-paced thriller. The 6:20 Man is a classic Baldacci novel, and fans of his work will enjoy this latest addition to his oeuvre.

As with his other works, Baldacci constructs a world that’s grounded in reality, yet takes a turn to the darker side of finance. The plot is dense and layered, weaving intricate details about investment firms, hedge funds, and illicit financial dealings. However, Baldacci doesn’t shy away from the human element of this thriller. Devine’s character is well-developed, and the reader feels the weight of his traumatic past as a soldier. You root for Devine, as he navigates the murky waters of the high-stakes world of finance and danger.

The supporting characters are equally complex, especially the female characters. Baldacci doesn’t reduce them to caricatures, and they aren’t just there for Devine’s romantic interests. Instead, they drive the plot forward, holding their own against the male characters. However, Baldacci’s writing can feel formulaic at times, and the dialogue may feel hokey or cliche to some readers. Nevertheless, The 6:20 Man is an entertaining read, and it’s impressive how Baldacci balances the complexities of the plot with the characters’ individual arcs.

The 6:20 Man is a page-turner, perfect for a lazy weekend. Baldacci’s writing style makes it easy to slip into the world, immersing you in the glamour and danger of the finance world. Without giving away any spoilers, the ending is satisfying, with all loose ends tied up. However, some may find that the ending is predictable and follows the traditional thriller tropes. Nonetheless, the journey towards the end is thrilling, and the book is hard to put down.

Surprisingly, Baldacci uses The 6:20 Man to highlight the darker side of finance. The novel asks important questions about ethics, corruption, and the human cost that comes with making a profit. Unfortunately, these questions are never fully explored, and Baldacci uses them to add flavor to the story. The novel could have been an opportunity to explore the damaging side of the finance industry, but it ends up being another entertaining thriller.

In conclusion, The 6:20 Man is an enjoyable read, perfect for those who love thrillers. It’s a satisfying experience, and Baldacci doesn’t disappoint. The book is entertaining, with enough twists and turns to keep the reader on the edge of their seat. Devine is a commendable protagonist, and the female characters are just as impressive. Although the novel doesn’t explore the bigger questions about finance’s darker side, it’s still a well-crafted thriller. David Baldacci has once again delivered a novel that’s worth your time.
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