Book Review: Swagger – A Memoir on Super Bowls, Brass Balls, and Footballs

Swagger: My Life and Lessons on Winning by Jimmy Johnson – A Fun Review

Are you ready to learn how to win like a pro? Then let Jimmy Johnson, the legendary Hall of Fame head football coach, show you how it’s done! His long-awaited memoir, “Swagger: My Life and Lessons on Winning,” is finally here, and it’s an intimate, no-regrets account of his extraordinary life that will inspire you to go for the gold, whether you’re a coach, a player, or just someone who wants to succeed at whatever they do.

First things first, this man has a house in the Florida Keys. Can we just take a moment to appreciate that? If that’s not the definition of “winning at life,” I don’t know what is. But Jimmy Johnson’s success extends far beyond his sunny residence. He’s a master at building positive team cultures, drafting elite players, balancing work and family life, and leading teams to victory. And he doesn’t keep his secrets to himself. Coaches, general managers, and team owners flock to his private sanctuary to seek his advice.

So, what’s the secret to Jimmy’s success? Swagger takes you on a journey from his early days on the college football fields to his arrival as the Cowboys’ coach in 1989. You’ll learn about his larger-than-life personality, his tough-talking coaching style, and his lifelong mission to win. But it’s not just a highlight reel. “Swagger” also reveals the hard-won lessons Jimmy learned both as a man and as a coach through a lifetime dedicated to excellence.

One of the most fascinating parts of the book is Jimmy’s professional conflict with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. If you’ve ever had a tough boss, you’ll relate to Jimmy’s struggles to balance his own vision with his boss’s demands. But he didn’t let it defeat him. Instead, he used it as a motivator to push himself and his team to greatness.

In addition to professional challenges, Jimmy faced personal adversity, including his mother’s death and his son’s struggle with addiction. His honesty and vulnerability in sharing these experiences make the book all the more inspiring. He doesn’t just talk the talk about overcoming obstacles; he’s been there and done it himself.

Aside from his personal story, “Swagger” also delivers practical advice for anyone looking to improve their leadership skills. Jimmy shares his formula for winning, including his criteria for identifying talent, his core beliefs, and how he established the ever-elusive sense of “culture” that every team leader hopes to achieve. From coaching stars like Troy Aikman and Dan Marino, to replacing legendary coaches like Tom Landry and Don Shula, he reveals the strategies that made him one of only six coaches in NFL history to win back-to-back Super Bowls.

“I’m just getting started” is one of Jimmy’s famous quotes, and after reading his memoir, you’ll be fired up to adopt that attitude yourself. You’ll feel like you’ve spent hours picking the brain of a wise mentor who’s seen it all and come out on top. Whether you’re a coach, a player, or just someone who’s hungry for success, “Swagger” is a book you won’t want to miss. So why wait? Order your copy today and start winning like a pro!
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