Book Review: Summer Island by [Author’s Name]

Summer Island: A Mother-Daughter Bonding Worth Storytelling

Do you ever feel the need to reconnect with someone from your past? In Kristin Hannah’s novel, Summer Island, Nora Bridge and her youngest daughter, Ruby, find themselves brought together after years of estrangement. What follows is a poignant, luminous novel that explores the complex bond between mother and daughter.

The novel begins by introducing Nora, a famous radio talk-show host and newspaper columnist loved for her moral advice. Despite her success, Nora has a past she would rather keep hidden. When a scandalous secret is unearthed, Nora is injured in an accident, and a glossy magazine offers Ruby a fortune to write a tell-all about her mother.

Under false pretenses, Ruby returns home, where she is reunited with her first love and his brother. Together they begin to explore Nora’s past and, in doing so, unlock long-buried secrets, heal wounds, and ultimately learn to forgive.

Hannah is a gifted author, as Tami Hoag says. She excels at delving into the characters’ psyches and delineating nuances of feeling. Throughout the novel, she masterfully weaves together themes of love, healing, forgiveness, and renewal.

One of the most compelling aspects of this novel is the relationship between Nora and Ruby. Ruby, a struggling comedienne, uses her famous mother as fuel for her bitter, cynical humor. She has spent years nursing a grudge against her mother and, as a result, has become estranged from her family. However, as she begins to get to know her mother again, she discovers that Nora is not the woman she thought she was.

Witty, wise, and vulnerable, Nora is desperate to reconcile with her daughter. As Ruby writes her exposé, she learns to see her mother and herself through the eyes of a woman, leading to a growing understanding of the complexity of their relationship. Many a daughter will see something of herself in Ruby, as People magazine notes.

While there are moments of sadness and heartbreak in Summer Island, there are also moments of joy, and the novel ultimately ends triumphantly. Hannah’s writing is beautiful, funny, tender, and sad all at once, making for an engrossing read that will keep you turning the pages until the end.

In sum, Summer Island is a beautiful novel that explores the complex bond between mothers and daughters. It is a must-read for anyone looking to reconnect with someone from their past or seeking to glean a greater understanding of the complexities of familial relationships. So, grab a copy today and immerse yourself in the poignant, luminous story of a mother and daughter’s journey towards healing and forgiveness. You won’t regret it!
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