Book Review: Stories of Listening to the World’s Best Strangers

Ari Shapiro’s “The Best Strangers in the World” is a delightful collection of essays that transports readers around the globe to see the world through the eyes of a passionate journalist. With his wit, humor, and empathy, Shapiro takes us on a journey to learn about the people, places, and stories that make the world a beautiful, complex, and fascinating place.

The book is a love letter to journalism, and to the power of listening and connecting with people who are different from ourselves. In a world that is increasingly polarized and divided, Shapiro reminds us that we all share a common humanity, and that there is beauty in diversity and difference.

One of the most compelling aspects of the book is Shapiro’s willingness to venture into unfamiliar territory and engage with people whose perspectives may be very different from his own. He details his experiences traveling with President Obama on Air Force One, interviewing Syrian refugees, and learning from activists fighting for justice around the world. Through these stories, he shows us the power of curiosity, empathy, and openness in bridging divides and forging connections.

Shapiro’s writing is witty, insightful, and engaging. He has a knack for finding the human stories behind the headlines, and for making complex issues feel personal and relevant. Whether he is exploring the impact of climate change on a small Alaskan village, or delving into the history of a Palestinian refugee camp, he brings a sense of humanity and warmth to his storytelling that makes his work both informative and deeply moving.

At its core, “The Best Strangers in the World” is a celebration of the power of storytelling to create empathy, understanding, and change. Shapiro’s essays are a testament to the importance of listening, engaging, and exploring the world with an open heart and mind. Through his work, he inspires us to be better listeners, better storytellers, and better human beings.

In short, “The Best Strangers in the World” is a must-read for anyone who loves great storytelling, or who simply wants to be reminded of the beauty and complexity of our world. With its blend of humor, insight, and heart, it is a book that will leave readers feeling uplifted, inspired, and deeply grateful for the power of journalism to connect us with the people, places, and stories that make our world such a rich and fascinating place.
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