Book Review: Renée Ballard Book 5 – Desert Star

If you’re a fan of crime novels, then you must’ve heard of Michael Connelly. And if you haven’t, what are you waiting for? His newest book, “Desert Star,” is a must-read for all crime fiction enthusiasts.

The book revolves around two characters, Harry Bosch and Renée Ballard who team up to hunt down a brutal killer responsible for the murder of an entire family. After leaving the force due to misogyny, demoralization, and endless red tape, Ballard is given an opportunity to rebuild and lead a cold case unit at the elite Robbery-Homicide Division.

Bosch has been working on a case for years that haunts him—the murder of an entire family by a psychopath who still walks FREE. Ballard makes Bosch an offer to come volunteer as an investigator in her new Open-Unsolved Unit, giving him access to the resources of the LAPD to pursue his “white whale.”

However, the first priority for Ballard is to clear the unsolved rape and murder of a sixteen-year-old girl, a case that is essential to a councilman who supported re-forming the unit, and who could shutter it again—the victim was his sister. Ballard gets a “cold hit” connecting the killing to a similar crime, proving that a serial predator has been at work in the city for years, raising the political pressure.

The two must put aside old resentments and new tensions to run to ground not one but two dangerous killers who have operated with brash impunity. In what may be his most gripping and profoundly moving book yet, Michael Connelly shows once again why he has been dubbed “one of the greatest crime writers of all time.”

The book is intense, full of twists and turns that keep you on the edge of your seat. What makes it even more fun to read is the chemistry between Bosch and Ballard. They have contrasting personalities, and their interactions make for an interesting read. Ballard is a strong, independent woman who isn’t afraid to stand up for herself. Bosch, on the other hand, is an experienced detective who has seen it all.

The book is well-written, with Connelly’s signature style of short chapters that make you want to keep reading. The pacing is perfect, and the story is well thought out. The characters are well developed, and you can’t help but root for them as they work to take down the killers.

Another thing I enjoyed in this book is how Connelly tackles the issue of misogyny and how it affects women in male-dominated industries like law enforcement. Ballard’s experiences are relatable to many women who have faced similar challenges in their careers. It’s refreshing to see these issues addressed in a crime novel.

Overall, “Desert Star” is a great addition to Michael Connelly’s collection of crime novels. If you’re a fan of his previous works, you won’t be disappointed. And if you’re new to his writing, then this book is a great place to start. It’s a page-turner that will keep you up all night, and you’ll be left wanting more.
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