Book Review: Reflections on Ballet, Love, and Saying Goodbye without Overthinking

Don’t Think, Dear: A Book About Ballet, Reflection, and Resilience

Are you a fan of ballet? Do you want to know more about what goes on behind the scenes of a ballet school? Then, this book is for you! Alice Robb takes her readers on a journey through the most elite ballet school in the United States: the School of American Ballet.

In Don’t Think, Dear, Robb shares her own experience as a former student of the School of American Ballet. She dreamed of becoming a ballet dancer but, at the age of fifteen, she realized that she would never meet the impossibly high standards of the hyper-competitive ballet world.

However, years later, Robb realized that the lessons she absorbed as a young dancer had served her well in the wider world. The traits that ballet takes to an extreme, such as stoicism, silence, and submission, are valued in girls and women everywhere.

At the heart of Robb’s book are the stories of her former classmates. Each of them faced different challenges and obstacles along the way. Emily, for example, had to deal with the pressure to have a specific body type. Meiying was thrilled to be the star of the Nutcracker but dismayed by the stereotypical portrayal of Asians onstage. Lily won the apprenticeship they had all been chasing, only to dance on a broken foot.

Through her classmates’ experiences, Robb explores the heartbreak and resilience of aspiring dancers. She also weaves in the myths of famous ballet personalities, both past and present. Readers will learn about Misty Copeland, who rose from poverty to become an icon of American ballet, and Alicia Alonso, who danced despite her blindness.

Don’t Think, Dear is a profound, nuanced, and passionately researched book. Through her exploration of ballet’s role in the modern world, Robb grapples with the contradictions and challenges of being a woman today. She also shares how her adolescent years as a dancer informed her life for years to come.

The book is easy to read and engaging from start to finish. Robb’s writing style is descriptive and honest, and her storytelling is compelling. Whether you’re a ballet enthusiast or not, Don’t Think, Dear is a book that will keep you entertained and make you reflect on your own life experiences.

In conclusion, Don’t Think, Dear is a must-read book for anyone who wants to know more about the world of ballet and the challenges faced by aspiring dancers. Through her personal experience and the stories of her former classmates, Robb provides insight into the resilience and perseverance required to pursue a career in ballet. So, pick up a copy and get ready for a journey full of heartbreak, resilience, and reflection.
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