Book Review of Wish You Were Here: A Novel

If you’re looking for a book that captures the trials and tribulations of this pandemic era we’re living in, look no further than Jodi Picoult’s latest novel, “The Book of Two Ways”. This book takes readers on a journey with Diana O’Toole, an associate specialist at Sotheby’s, who is all set to live her dream life: married, kids, and suburban New York. But all of that is derailed when a sudden virus outbreak throws the world into chaos.

This book is a mix of the perfect beach read and a thought-provoking commentary on life’s unexpected twists and turns. Despite the harsh realities of the pandemic, Picoult’s signature humor and wit make for a fun, easy read that’s perfect for a lazy summer afternoon.

Diana’s relationship with her boyfriend, Finn, is put to the test when he has to stay behind due to the pandemic while she goes on their planned vacation to the Galápagos Islands. This is where the book truly takes off, as Diana is left stranded on an island under quarantine, with no choice but to face the fear and uncertainty of the situation. Along the way, she forges unexpected connections with the locals and finds herself questioning everything she once believed about her life.

The setting of the Galápagos Islands, the birthplace of Darwin’s theory of evolution, is a fitting backdrop for Diana’s journey of self-reflection and evolution. Diana’s experiences on the island force her to reevaluate her priorities and confront some tough questions about her life choices.

As with all of Picoult’s books, “The Book of Two Ways” is excellently researched and uses its rich setting to its advantage. The details of Darwin’s work and the history of the Galápagos Islands add depth and texture to the story, giving readers a true sense of being there with Diana.

What I appreciated most about this book is Picoult’s commitment to honesty in portraying the pandemic. She doesn’t shy away from the harsh realities of isolation, fear, and anxiety that are all too familiar to many of us. Yet, she manages to write about these difficult topics in a way that’s relatable and often humorous.

Overall, “The Book of Two Ways” is a powerful story of resilience and the strength of the human spirit. It’s a must-read for anyone struggling to find their way during these uncertain times. And with the news that it has been sold to Netflix for adaptation as a feature film, this book is sure to be a beloved classic for years to come.
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