Book Review of Where the Lost Wander: A Novel

Saddle up, folks, because The Half-Pawnee is an epic and haunting love story that will take you on a wild ride through the dusty plains of the Oregon Trail. This historical fiction novel by Jeanne Williams, published by Lake Union Publishing in April 2020, captures the perils of a wagon train journey in 1853 while also weaving a tale of hope, resilience, and the power of love.

Naomi May is a young widow who joins her family on the trek to the West, hoping to leave behind her grief and start anew. She quickly finds herself drawn to John Lowry, a half-Pawnee man who is a stranger in both worlds. Although their connection is instant, the path to true love is not an easy one – the trail is filled with hardship, fear, and death. Williams does an excellent job of painting a vivid picture of the harsh realities of life on the Overland Trail, from the relentless heat and dust to the threat of Indian attacks and disease.

As John and Naomi navigate the challenges of the journey, their disparate pasts threaten to keep them apart. John’s heritage, while helping them gain safe passage through hostile territory, also sets them apart from the other members of the wagon train. And when tragedy strikes, separating Naomi from John and decimating her family, she is forced to make a terrible sacrifice to survive.

But love, as they say, conquers all, and even in the darkest of times, John and Naomi hold on to the promises they made to each other. The Half-Pawnee is ultimately a story of their resilience – of their determination to find their way back to each other and build a life together, despite the odds stacked against them.

Williams is a skilled writer who brings both the characters and the setting to life in vivid detail. Her descriptions of the Oregon Trail, from the towering mountains to the vast prairies, are immersive and transportive, making readers feel as though they are right there alongside the wagon train. And her characters are complex and nuanced, each with their own hopes, fears, and desires. John, in particular, is a compelling figure – caught between two worlds and torn between his love for Naomi and his loyalty to his people.

The Half-Pawnee is a must-read for fans of historical fiction, particularly those interested in the American West and the pioneer experience. It’s a gripping tale that will keep you on the edge of your seat, rooting for Naomi and John until the very end. And while the story is filled with heartbreak and tragedy, it’s ultimately an uplifting tribute to the power of love, hope, and the human spirit. So grab your cowboy hat, saddle up your horse, and get ready for an adventure you won’t soon forget.
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