Book Review of “Vanderbilt: The American Dynasty’s Ascent and Decline”

The Vanderbilts: An American Dynasty – Review

The Vanderbilts: An American Dynasty is not your typical history book. Written by Anderson Cooper, the famous journalist, and Katherine Howe, a New York Times best-selling historian and novelist, this book tells the story of Cooper’s mother’s family – the Vanderbilts.

The book starts with the rise of Cornelius Vanderbilt, who began working on his father’s small boat ferrying supplies in New York Harbor at the beginning of the 19th century. From there, he built two empires – one in shipping and another in railroads – that made him the richest man in America. However, his staggering fortune was fought over by his heirs after his death in 1877, causing familial discord.

But this book isn’t just a dry retelling of the Vanderbilts’ history. Cooper and Howe bring the family to life, from their extravagant parties to their personal quirks. They show how the family became synonymous with unfettered American capitalism and high society, and how subsequent generations competed to find new and ever more extraordinary ways of spending their wealth.

Reading this book is like visiting an old friend who’s telling you a story. It’s warm, funny, and engaging. Cooper and Howe don’t shy away from the darker aspects of the Vanderbilts’ history, but they present it in a way that’s both informative and entertaining.

The authors also did an incredible job of weaving together different time periods and locations, from the hardscrabble wharves of old Manhattan to the lavish drawing rooms of Gilded Age Fifth Avenue, from the ornate summer palaces of Newport to the courts of Europe. The book is a rollicking ride that takes you through American history, from the early days of the republic to the modern-day.

One of the standout features of the book is its insider’s viewpoint. Cooper is a member of the Vanderbilt family, and he brings his personal experiences to the table. He doesn’t hold back in his descriptions of his family members, whether they’re positive or negative.

The Vanderbilts: An American Dynasty is an outstanding book that’s well worth the read. Whether you’re a history buff or just looking for a good story, this book is sure to entertain and inform you. The accompanying PDF adds even more value, with photographs, family trees, and additional information.

In conclusion, this is a book that’s both informative and enjoyable. Cooper and Howe did an excellent job of bringing the Vanderbilts to life, and their unique perspectives make the book even more interesting. If you’re looking for a book that tells the story of one of America’s most fascinating families, then look no further than The Vanderbilts: An American Dynasty.
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