“Book Review: Lucy by the Sea – A Novel”

Looking for a book that captures the essence of the pandemic, while also exploring the complexities of love, loss, and hope? Look no further than Elizabeth Strout’s latest novel, Lucy by the Sea.

From the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Olive Kitteridge, this book follows the story of Lucy Barton, a divorced woman who finds herself stuck in lockdown with her ex-husband, William. As they navigate through the challenges of isolation, the two are forced to confront the complicated history that binds them together.

What makes this book so special is Strout’s ability to capture the raw emotions of her characters with a deft touch. With spare, crystalline prose and an intimate understanding of the human heart, Lucy by the Sea provides a glimpse into the lives of two people struggling to find their way back to each other, even as the world around them seems to be falling apart.

As Lucy and William grapple with the pain of a beloved daughter’s suffering, the emptiness that comes from the death of a loved one, and the promise of new friendships, readers are moved, challenged, and ultimately inspired by the deeply human connections that unite us, even in the toughest of times.

And while the subject matter may be heavy, Lucy by the Sea manages to infuse a sense of hope and possibility throughout. Rich with empathy and emotion, this book is a breathtakingly satisfying read that will leave you feeling triumphant and hopeful.

Don’t just take our word for it, Lucy by the Sea has been widely praised by critics and readers alike, earning a spot on several Best of the Year lists, including The New York Times Book Review, Entertainment Weekly, and NPR.

So if you’re looking for a novel that animates the ordinary with an astonishing force, and one that is meant to feel like life but is also art, then Lucy by the Sea is the book for you.
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