Book Review: Every Summer After

Every Summer After: A Heartfelt Tale of Love, Mistakes, and Rediscovery

Are you ready for a nostalgic trip down memory lane? Every Summer After by Jamie Brenner is the perfect book to do just that. This sweeping tale of love and self-discovery is a radiant debut that is sure to leave you with a smile on your face.

The story follows Persephone Fraser, who, after making the biggest mistake of her life, spends her summers away from her childhood home in Barry’s Bay. But when she receives a call that brings her back to the lakeshore of her youth, she finds herself face-to-face with Sam Florek, the man she never thought she’d have to live without.

Persephone and Sam shared six summers together, forming an unbreakable bond that eventually turned into love. But their relationship fell apart, leaving them both with broken hearts. When they reunite at Sam’s mother’s funeral, the chemistry between them is still there, but they both have to come to terms with the mistakes of the past before they can move forward.

What makes Every Summer After such a delightful read is how Jamie Brenner captures the essence of a small lake town so perfectly. The descriptions of the town and its inhabitants are vivid and immersive, transporting you straight to the heart of Barry’s Bay. Brenner confidently weaves together six years of memories and experiences, effortlessly exploring the complexities of love and the mistakes that shape our lives.

Percy and Sam’s love story is heartfelt and realistic, with well-developed characters that you can’t help but root for. Their flaws and insecurities make them relatable and endearing, and you’ll find yourself invested in their journey towards rediscovery.

The book’s pacing is perfect, with just enough mystery and intrigue to keep you hooked throughout. Every Summer After is a page-turner that you won’t be able to put down. It’s the perfect book for lazy summer afternoons, and I can easily see this becoming a must-read beach read.

Every Summer After has already been named one of the hottest reads of summer 2022 by Today, Parade, PopSugar, USA Today, SheReads, BuzzFeed, BookBub, Bustle, and more. And it’s no surprise. The magic and romance in this book are palpable, and it’s a radiant debut that packs an emotional wallop.

If you’re a fan of heartwarming stories about second chances and the power of love, Every Summer After is the book for you. It’s a beautifully written novel that will leave you feeling nostalgic, hopeful, and utterly satisfied. Don’t miss out on this gem of a book!
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