Book Review: An Ordinary Man’s Extraordinary Life – A Memoir

Paul Newman was more than just a movie star. He was an American icon, a philanthropist, and a family man. And now, in “The Extraordinary Life of an Ordinary Man,” we get an intimate look at the man behind the silver screen.

Newman was always known for his self-deprecating humor and charm, but in this memoir, he lays bare his deepest fears and passions. From his traumatic childhood to his rise to stardom, Newman’s story is one of perseverance and grit.

One of the most touching elements of the book is Newman’s relationship with his wife, Joanne Woodward. They were a true partnership, both on and off the screen. Newman talks candidly about how much he depended on Woodward, how she shaped him intellectually and emotionally, and how much he loved her.

But the book isn’t all tender moments and romance. Newman is also refreshingly honest about his flaws, especially his struggles with alcohol. He talks about how his drinking affected his personal and professional life, and how he eventually found a way to overcome it.

Of course, any book about Paul Newman wouldn’t be complete without mention of his iconic film roles. Newman talks about his collaborations with directors like George Roy Hill and Elia Kazan, and his thoughts on co-stars like Marlon Brando and Elizabeth Taylor. He even throws in a few funny anecdotes about working with Tom Cruise on “The Color of Money.”

The memoir is compiled from thousands of pages of oral history, with additional comments from friends, family members, and collaborators. This gives the reader a fuller picture of Newman’s life and legacy, and adds depth and context to his own narrative.

All in all, “The Extraordinary Life of an Ordinary Man” is a fascinating read, a deceptively simple story that reveals the complexity and depth of a true American legend. Newman’s self-awareness and honesty shine through on every page, making this book both entertaining and enlightening. If you’re a fan of Paul Newman or just looking for a great memoir, this book is definitely worth picking up.
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