Book Review: A Memoir Titled “All My Knotted-Up Life”

Are you familiar with the name Beth Moore? For some, she might be a household name, a familiar face on TV or at church events. For others, she might be a complete stranger. Regardless of what group you fall into, her new book, All My Knotted-Up Life, is a must-read.

In this book, Beth Moore offers a candid look into her life and ministry. It’s not your typical memoir that reads like a highlight reel of someone’s life. Instead, it’s an incredibly thoughtful, disarmingly funny, and intensely vulnerable glimpse into her journey.

Right from the opening sentence, you’ll be drawn into her story: “It’s a peculiar thing, this having lived long enough to take a good look back.” From there, she takes you on a journey through her childhood, adolescence, and adulthood with all the twists and turns that come with it.

One of the things that make this book so fascinating is how relatable it is. Sure, Beth Moore’s life might look different from yours or mine, but the emotions and struggles she shares are universal. Who hasn’t longed for the simplicity of knowing who’s good and who’s bad? Who hasn’t wanted to make it through this life in one piece?

But what sets this book apart is the way Beth Moore tells her story. She doesn’t shy away from the hard parts, the moments when things didn’t go according to plan or when she felt like giving up. Instead, she faces them head-on with humor, honesty, and grace.

Take, for example, the chapter titled “My Highfalutin’ Dogs.” It’s a seemingly silly story about her two dogs and their absurd drama, but it’s also a meditation on how even the smallest things in life can bring us joy and remind us of God’s goodness.

Or consider the chapter titled “Lessons from a Garden Hose.” It’s a reflection on how the most mundane tasks can become opportunities for spiritual growth and how we can find God in the ordinary moments of our lives.

All My Knotted-Up Life is not a book that will leave you feeling like you now know everything there is to know about Beth Moore. Instead, it’s a book that will leave you feeling seen and known, like you’ve made a new friend who understands what it means to be human.

But perhaps the most important takeaway from this book is the reminder that God is always with us, even in the midst of our messiest, knotted-up lives. As Beth Moore writes, “It is acceptable for us to be vulnerable, deeply feeling, somewhat knotted up people…It is enough – enough to be loved by Him, enough to love Him in return and enough, by His grace and strength, to live forward into the messy, present-tense hours…He is with us. He is with us. He is with us.”

If you’re looking for a book that will make you laugh, make you cry, and ultimately make you feel more connected to God and humanity, look no further than All My Knotted-Up Life.
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