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Review: “Letty Takes Charge: A Wild Ride of Hackers and Betrayal”

Are you ready for a wild ride of hackers and betrayal? Letty Davenport, the adopted tough-as-nails daughter of Lucas Davenport, is back and taking charge in this thrilling novel by John Sandford.

Letty, a former desk job worker, is now on an undercover assignment for the Department of Homeland Security and the NSA. Her mission? To infiltrate a hacker group named Ordinary People and uncover their plans for wreaking havoc.

With her incredible skills with firearms and her partner from the NSA, Letty goes on a cross-country road trip to California where Ordinary People’s headquarters is located. As they work to make inroads with the group, Letty and her partner begin to suspect that the hackers are not their only enemy. Someone within their own circle may have betrayed them, and their mission and lives are in danger.

Sandford’s writing keeps the reader on the edge of their seat, as Letty navigates dangerous waters in search of the truth. The characters are well-developed, and Letty’s strong personality shines throughout the book.

The plot twists and turns, giving readers a thrilling ride from start to finish. Sandford’s attention to detail immerses the reader in the story, making them feel like they are right beside Letty, dodging bullets and hacking into computers.

The book is 384 pages long, but the fast-paced action keeps the reader engaged and makes the pages fly past. The text-to-speech feature and Kindle Scribe-enabled sticky notes add to the experience, making it easy for readers to keep up with the story.

Overall, “Letty Takes Charge” is a fun and exciting read for anyone who loves a good thriller. Letty is a strong and captivating protagonist, and readers will be rooting for her until the very end. Sandford has once again delivered a page-turner that is sure to please fans of the genre. So, grab your copy and buckle up for a wild ride!
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