A Review of “Financial Freedom for Black Women: A Guide to Succeeding in Wealth, Career, Business, and Early Retirement with Real Estate, Cryptocurrency, Side Hustles, Stock Market Investing and More”.

Are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck? Do you dream of becoming a Black Woman millionaire? Look no further than Brandy’s debut book, which provides never-seen-before strategies to help you achieve financial freedom.

As we all know, the statistics for Black households and net worth can be disheartening. But Brandy’s book doesn’t just dwell on the negatives. Instead, she empowers readers with historical context and, more importantly, actionable steps to overcome the barriers that have held us back.

But let’s get to the juicy stuff. What can you expect to learn from this book? Well, for starters, Brandy discusses the #1 investment to own to survive the next recession (hint: it’s not gold coins), as well as untapped side hustles to take advantage of (including one that nobody knows about on page 95).

And if you’ve been hesitant to dip your toes into the stock market, fear not. Brandy provides advice on how to avoid making rookie mistakes on page 145. Plus, she highlights the three fastest-growing industries for high-paying salaries this decade.

If you’re struggling with credit card debt, Brandy’s got you covered with her #1 secret to consolidating and paying it off (found on page 54). And for those interested in cryptocurrency and NFTs, she provides a complete primer on how to invest wisely (including best coins/tokens and hot wallets vs. cold storage).

But that’s not all. Brandy also shares four budgeting strategies to beat high inflation without sacrificing fun, as well as advice on how to attain the highest “multiple” when selling your online business (found on page 121). And if you’re wondering exactly how much you’ll need to retire at the age of your choice, Brandy’s got that covered too.

But perhaps most excitingly, Brandy shares how some Black Women are taking home $500K+ with one simple hack (found on page 83). And in chapter 8, she even reveals how she sold her latest online business for 45x its average profit margin and received a wire transfer of four years’ worth of future income in one day.

Ultimately, Brandy’s book is a financial education that school never gave you. It empowers readers with the knowledge and strategies needed to achieve financial independence and build a net worth of over $1M and beyond. So, if you’re serious about becoming financially FREE this year, simply scroll up and click “Add to Cart.” Your millionaire self will thank you.
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