A Book Review of Blue Skies: Summer Desserts and Lessons Learned, a Dual Collection.

Book Review: Blue Skies by Nora Roberts – A Deliciously Fun Romance

Are you looking for a sweet and savory read to satisfy your heart’s appetite? Look no further than Blue Skies, the latest release from #1 New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts. This mouthwatering book is a collection of two classic romance novels that will leave you feeling satisfied and wanting more.

The first story in Blue Skies, Summer Desserts, follows the story of Summer Lyndon, a famed dessert designer who is approached by hotel chain owner Blake Cocharan to give his menu a much-needed makeover. As Summer works closely with Blake, she finds herself slowly losing her heart to him. Will she be able to maintain her professional standards and keep her heart intact?

What follows is a fun and flirty romance filled with delicious food, dynamic characters, and sizzling chemistry. Roberts effortlessly captures the essence of the culinary world, making Summer’s creations come alive on the page. From decadent cakes to exquisite pastries, you’ll find yourself drooling over the exquisite descriptions of Summer’s desserts.

In the second story, Lessons Learned, we meet Juliet Trent, a publicist who is tasked with organizing a world tour for master chef Carlo Franconi. Juliet soon finds herself falling for Carlo, who has a talent for satisfying not just appetites for food, but also for love. But with Carlo’s busy schedule and the distance between them, can their love survive?

Roberts brings Italy to life in Lessons Learned, painting a vivid picture of the country’s food and culture. The banter between Juliet and Carlo is light-hearted and fun, making the book a joy to read. Plus, the mouth-watering descriptions of Carlo’s cuisine will leave you longing for a chance to taste-test his creations.

Overall, Blue Skies is a charming and delightful book that showcases everything we love about Nora Roberts’ writing – swoon-worthy romance, dynamic characters, and a richly-detailed setting. The two stories are distinct but equally enjoyable, and will leave readers feeling satisfied and content.

So if you’re looking for a deliciously fun read to curl up with, grab a copy of Blue Skies and indulge in a little romance and dessert. You won’t be disappointed.
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